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Pension Waldhaus Anita

Pension Waldhaus Anita
Waldstraße 18 * 38667 Bad Harzburg
Tel.: 05322 / 52639

15 minutes of footpath lie in our informally controlled 3 stars pension "Forest house Anita" from the center Bad Harzburg. The bus is min accessible in 8. The comfortable furnished double room can be also booked as a single room. An Aufbettung of the double rooms is possible. In the house there are two apartments. All rooms as well as the apartments are equipped with TV and radio. Shower and WC exist naturally in the rooms. For the leisure area are available to you a sunbathing area with deck chairs, as well as a terrace with tables and chairs. Park possibility exists directly before the door. If requested we pass to the breakfast refreshment bar contained in the price also half board.

We are glad about your visit. Family Kiederling





Pension Waldhaus Anita
Pension Waldhaus Anita
Pension Waldhaus Anita
Pension Waldhaus Anita
Pension Waldhaus Anita

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