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Der Domschatz in Quedlinburg cathedral treasure

Map of the Harz

Alexisbad Alexisbad
Allrode Allrode
Altenau Altenau
Altenbrak Altenbrak
Bad Grund Bad Grund
Bad Harzburg Bad Harzburg
Bad Lauterberg Bad Lauterberg
Bad Sachsa Bad Sachsa
Bad Suderode Bad Suderode
Ballenstedt Ballenstedt
Benneckenstein Benneckenstein
Blankenburg Blankenburg
Braunlage Braunlage
Clausthal Zellerfeld Clausthal-Zellerfeld
Dankerode Dankerode
Drübeck Druebeck
Elbingerode Elbingerode
Elend Elend
Friedrichsbrunn Friedrichsbrunn
Gernrode Gernrode
Goslar Goslar
Güntersberge Guentersberge
Hahnenklee Hahnenklee
Halberstadt Halberstadt
Harzgerode Harzgerode
Hasselfelde Hasselfelde
Herzberg Herzberg
Hohegeiss Hohegeiss
Ilfeld Ilfeld
Ilsenburg Ilsenburg
Riefensbeek Kamschlacken Kamschlacken
Königerode Koenigerode
Königshütte Koenigshuette
Langelsheim Langelsheim
Lautenthal Lautenthal
Lerbach Lerbach
Lonau Lonau
Mägdesprung Maegdesprung
Mandelholz Mandelholz
Meisdorf Meisdorf
Neudorf Neudorf
Neustadt Neustadt
Osterode Osterode
Pansfelde Pansfelde
Quedlinburg Quedlinburg
Rieder Rieder
Riefensbeek Riefensbeek
Rübeland Ruebeland
Scharzfeld Scharzfeld
Schierke Schierke
Seeland Seeland
Selketal Selketal
Sieber Sieber
Sophienhof Sophienhof
Sorge Sorge
Sankt Andreasberg St. Andreasberg
Steina Steina
Stiege Stiege
Stolberg Stolberg
Tanne Tanne
Timmenrode Timmenrode
Thale Thale
Torfhaus Torfhaus
Trautenstein Trautenstein
Treseburg Treseburg
Walkenried Walkenried
Wendefurth Wendefurth
Wernigerode Wernigerode
Wieda Wieda
Wildemann Wildemann
Wienrode Wienrode
Wippra Wippra
Wolfshagen Wolfshagen
Zorge Zorge

The millennial city of Quedlinburg lies in an attractive hill scenery on the shore of the river Bode facing the north edge of the Harz-Mountains.

Their closed, historical townscape with about 1200 half-timbered houses from six centuries was taken up by UNESCO in the world cultural heritage list. Now the regional climatic preferred situation Quedlinburg also gave the stamp of quality "resort" to the town. Beside the healthy resinous air the cultural monuments suitable for active rest and facilities, in particular the historical Old Town core also contributed to the lending of this title. However, the yearly more than 1.6 million visitors of the town also appreciate the variety in overnight stay possibilities and the footpaths created for an active leisure activity, bridle paths and cycle paths. Special climaxes are every year the "imperial spring", the flower party and the "Advent in the courts" as well as the "Quedlinburger of bar night".

In the 5th century a Thuringian noble called Quitilio with his members on about 30 m of high-rising rock of the castle mountain which today the castle crowns should have created according to a legend the first arrangement. Hence, if necessary there comes the name of castle Quedlin. The first written mention falls in the year 922. Heinrich I (919 kings first German in Fritzlar electively) carried out his signature ("... actum in villa quae dicitur Quitilingaburg") after the death on this document Heinrichs I originated in the castle construction resulted under his management a free-worldly ladies' abbey in which the daughters of the high-level nobility enjoyed a comprehensive education and had her care at the age.

Centre of the Old Town is the city hall. His first documentary mention falls in 1310. The facade comes from the first half of the 17th century (main entrance in Spätrennaissance). Inside there are the nicely carved baroque doors which lead in the civil hall as well as glass windows with legendary reproductions from the Quedlinburger history, in the hall mural paintings from the history of the town. At feet of the castle mountain there lies the birthplace of the writer Friedrich Gottlieb Klopstock, a nice patrician's construction from the first half of the 16th century. The Memorialmuseum owns inside modern furnished museum rooms. Behind the Klopstock's house in the finch cooker there is an art gallery. Today the former pencil castle serves museum purposes and, among the rest, accommodates the legendary Quedlinburger cathedral treasure which, during the second world war missing, again to his hereditary place has returned. The town free of empire was subordinate only to the emperor and up to the Reformation to the pope. The pencil church belonged to him. This pencil was original with a rich, wide possession equipped which enclosed country by the centuries through 30,000 mornings. The town developed very early at feet of the castle and became in the Middle Ages a rich settlement which consisted of two main cores, the Old Town (businessman and craftsman establishment) and Neustadt (a rural arrangement from the 12th century).

Advent in the courts

Advent in the courts The "Advent in the courts" belongs to the nicest Christmas fairs in the resin and is opened on two week-ends in December. He received his name by the fact which many small backyards which remain, otherwise, close to the visitor open and kidnap the visitor in Christmassy atmosphere in the longest past times.

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